The Impact50 Countdown Has Begun… 100 days left to make your film

In just over 100 days, the Impact50 filmmaking challenge will close. The closing date is April 30th at midnight UK time.

Can you make a short film from a two page script about the end of the world?

If so, invest a weekend and become part of the Impact50 feature film challenge.

Teams from around the world have begun optioning scripts and making their films now, many of which you can watch on the site.

We already have the first submissions on the site to watch, and we know that many many more filmmakers are playing this game more like poker and keeping their entries close to their chest.

Want to be part of this global filmmaking adventure?

Here’s what to do…

  • Option one of the 55 scripts HERE.
  • Make a film and submit it to us.
  • Get feedback and resubmit it if you like.
  • We will then take the best submissions and make a feature film.

Last time we did this with ‘50 Kisses’, we ended up in the Guinness Book of Records! This time we are going for the most directors on a feature film, as well as most screenwriters, so you could make it into the record books!

Guides and rules are HERE.

The countdown is ticking… Act now…

Chris Jones


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