Writing The Score for Escape From New York

I love this video essay by Alex Ball with long term, John Carpenter collaborator Alan Howarth. It harks back to a time when innovation was profoundly inventive and deeply analogue, even though of course the score is ‘digital’.

John Carpenter was a massive influence for me as a kid and while I was making Zombie movies, I was simultaneously writing and recording very basic synth horror music.

Sadly none of it exists now, but I loved being locked away over long weekends with a Korg, drum machine, mics and a four track.

Looking back I realise that the act of creating, when the act in of itself required innovation, challenge and patience, was a brilliant way to discipline myself.

Of course you can download an App that does 85% of the work now, which is possibly why very few ever managed to top Assault on Precinct 13, The Thing, Halloween, The Fog (my favourite) and of course Escape from New York.

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Onwards and upwards!

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