Chernobyl: An acoustic masterclass in storytelling by Hildur Guðnadóttir

It’s an astonishing story so brilliantly and chillingly written by Craig Mazin. The pace, the casting, the direction, the design, the cinematography ALL work in concert to create this unforgettable experience.

But the soundtrack, the music score and the fusion it creates with the soundscape, stand out for me.

Immediately evocative, the score by Hildur Guðnadóttir for me actually sounds like the events it depicts. Metallic. Deathly. Haunted. Irradiated. Death.

As a filmmaker it reminds me that every aspect of the production should feed from the same source, the same vision… That creative laser focus has paid dividends, and it’s a credit to all those who controlled the creative choices to allow such audacious choices across the whole production. I wrote before about the value of using a few key words through which to filter all creative choices.

What can we learn? Tone. Depth. Feel. Atmosphere. Authenticity. Most of all thought, creative courage.

Listen to the score below a few times. It will haunt you and inspire you to create from a more authentic and creative place. I know it does me.

Onwards and upwards!

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