Join us for our LondonSWF’s4 Online Launch Weekend FREE!

London screenwriters festival free.

A Full Weekend Of Screenwriting Sessions From The Best In The World… FREE Form LondonSWF

Join us for our LondonSWF’s4 Online  Launch Weekend FREE!

March 2nd and 3rd, we are hosting a TWO DAY Screenwriters Online Festival and YOU can attend completely free.

We have sessions delivered by Robert McKee, Pilar Alessandra, Scott Myers, Joey Tuccio, Lucy Hay and so many more.

I mean seriously. DO NOT MISS THIS!

What will you get?

  • Practical insight into how to better write a script to get produced in 2024.
  • Inspiration to keep going. You KNOW LondonSWF is like rocket fuel to the creative soul.
  • Online chat means connecting with other writers too.
  • All delivered to your laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Playback for one month.

I mean come on, it’s free and we have AMAZING speakers lined up to help YOU get your script polished, pitch ready and producer friendly for 2024.

Sign up below for your free pass. Chuck a fiver in to help cover festival costs if you want, every penny helps in these challenging times. We suggested £5 but you can delete that if you like. Or better, make it bigger! Wahey!

PS – If you already have a full pass for LondonSWF’24 you will automatically get access to this online portion of the festival.


Note: This pass is for the launch weekend festival over March 2nd and 3rd, and not for the main event in April.

2nd March 2024, Saturday (Online Only)

14:30 Online Festival Opening
Join the online LondonSWF opening event and get primed to have the most outstanding weekend as well as knockout main festival in April. Find out EXACTLY what is happening, when and where and how best to use this unique opportunity.

15:00 Does Your Protagonist REALLY Need To Change? with Lucy V Hay
Do protagonists really need to change? B2W’s Lucy V makes the case for the NON-transformative arc, what it entails and real-world examples of where you can find them, plus how you write them yourself

16:00 Screenwriters Advice: What 34 Working Writers Told Me About Their Craft
LSF regular Andrew Zinnes has a new book, full of wisdom and gold nuggets for Screenwriters of all experience levels. Let’s pick his brain for an hour. Come prepared with your questions!

17:00 Healing The Witch Wound On Screen
She whispers of truth, justice and balance in the ears of little Irish girls in ‘Wolfwalkers’ or sleepwalking grown woman ‘Barbie.’ This panel breaks down the Witch and speaks to the need to embrace her.

18:00 Ten Motivational Strategies To Get Your Writing Done
No more excuses. Specific and actionable strategies to get you ready for April’s LSF PitchFest and beyond.

19:30 Robert McKee Session details TBC

3rd March 2024, Sunday (Online Only)

10:00 Know Yourself, Be Yourself: A Writer’s Journal Workbook
What fires up your writing? What stops you? A Writing Journal is your superpower, your personal creative workshop where you feel safe, curious and non-judgemental about your writing.

14:30 Welcome To Day 2!
Late-breaking LSF news, answers to any questions you guys asked from the day before and a pound’s worth of free advice. Let’s have some fun together talking about the things that unite us: Stories, movies, TV, and commitment to the dream.

15:00 Networking – How To Build A Career By Making Friends
How do you build that network of valuable contacts? How do you BECOME a valuable contact? Perhaps the most important skill to becoming a screenwriter, and you can learn about it here.

16:00 The Protagonist’s Journey: Keys to Character-Driven Storytelling with Scott Myers
Hot on the heels of his best-selling screenwriting book “The Protagonist’s Journey,” Scott Myers brings his enlightening perspective on character-first storytelling to the LSF.

17:00 Story Analysis for Readers & Writers: How To Give and Get Notes with Pilar Alessandra
It’s time to approach your script in a new way, by thinking like a script reader. Learn shortcuts to creating a killer logline and story synopsis—necessary tools for all screenwriters with Pilar Alessandra, a certified supergenius in the industry.

18:00 Attracting Execs & Representation In The Pitch & In The Script with Joey Tuccio
Joey Tuccio (CEO & Founder of Roadmap Writers) returns to provide the latest proven guidance on the best way to attract an agent, executives, and all the human connections you need to make your dream project a reality.

19:00 Online Festival Close
Join the team for the FABULOUS close of the online festival and our promise for the main event in just four weeks time!

OK you must sign up if you want to attend!

See you there!

Chris Jones

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