The Tuesday Online, LSFReplay: Character in Storytelling with Phil and Ted

On Tuesday we continue our series of LondonSWF replays, the very best of our past events replayed live. This time it’s Phil and Ted on The Importance of Character in Storytelling. That will take place next Tuesday at 8pm UK time….

When: Tuesday Feb 27th at 8pm UK time
Anyone can attend free.

‘If you learn nothing throughout this whole talk except this one thing, your character needs to be far more important than your conceit.’

Phil and Ted dive into why characters are the heart of any good story. They have this simple: what really makes a story tick isn’t the big flashy plot but the people (or characters) living through it. They believe that who your characters are – their personalities, struggles, and growth – shapes the whole journey of the story.

They break down stories into five main types, based on how the characters stumble into their adventures: some can’t believe it’s happening, some don’t see it coming, some fall into it by accident, some jump in with both feet, and some totally get the wrong end of the stick. From classics like “The King’s Speech” to fun tales like “Shrek,” we see characters facing their fears, making tough calls, and changing along the way.

What’s really cool is how these stories show us the different ways characters can grow. It’s not just about the good guys winning; it’s about how they deal with unexpected challenges, learn from their mistakes, and sometimes, how they might not get it right but still impact the world around them.

Phil and Ted also throw in a twist about characters who think they’re on one path but are actually on another, leading to stories that flip the script on what we expect. Think “Joker” – it’s not your typical hero’s journey, but it’s gripping because it’s so unexpected.

So, what’s the takeaway? Stories are all about the characters. Their journeys, mistakes, and growth make the story worth telling (and reading!). It’s a reminder for anyone telling their own stories: focus on your characters, make them real and relatable, and you’ll have your audience hooked.

You can watch the whole session live here…

When: Tuesday Feb 27th at 8pm UK time
Anyone can attend free.

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