Dealing With Analogue Documents in a Digital World

Four individuals on a film set: one holding a script, another with a camera, and an actor in the center with a prop gun.

The time has come. I have a stack of boxes of paperwork I just can’t carry around any more. They are from projects spanning the last 30 years and in truth I likely don’t need the paperwork at all.

A canon flatbed scanner with an open lid and a document on the glass plate.But still. Should I toss contracts?

Urghhh. Hence them moving from shelf to shelf every few years.


I bought myself a super fast document scanner, the Canon DR F120, and it’s pretty magnificent, scanning a script in about one minute. It’s made short work of three boxes of documents, and what I thought would take days, took just a few hours.

I also uncovered some gems in the process, the shooting script for the first film we made, The Runner for one.

So, for the ultra curious (that usually means those who bought the very first Guerilla Filmmakers Handbook), you can download the shooting script for The Runner Shooting Script.

Bottom line, if you need to scan a LOAD of documents for a permanent PDF digital archive, this Canon does a CRACKING job.

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