Bury Hill – Main Location

Bury_hill I spent the most of yesterday wandering around our main location for the shoot – Bury Hill Fisheries, near Dorking.

This venue has a lot of advantages and disadvantages. First off disadvantages – it just isn’t as spectacular as we wanted. Second, there could be a lot of fishermen on the days we shoot, though we are planned to shoot on their quiet days and it’s a slow time of year (so I suspect we can get around that). Creatively, I have therefore chosen to take the epic quality to the small end of the scale and focus more on quintessential English beauty, and the stunning unique look of an English landscape. Bull rushes at dawn, moss on 300 year old tree stumps, water reflecting through the rushes…

So the advantages of the location are many – it’s close, controllable, shallow where we shoot, the fishery guys can even catch a live 30lb pike for us to film, it’s very pretty, has parking, loos, canteen etc. So it wasn’t much of a difficult choice. I also think we may be able to comp in some distant non specific mountains in the wide shots too.

Less than two weeks to shooting now and so much still feels up in the air!

Onward and upward!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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