Gone Fishing Posters!

Posters2 We have just taken delivery of our brand spanking and shiny new posters for Gone Fishing. They are A2 in size (420 x 594 mm) and look awesome in a black frame (frames cost about £10 on the high street). I must say, I am looking forward to plastering whole walls with them at film festivals.

In an attempt to raise a little more operating cash, we are going to be selling some of the posters though. It’s the Kodak Awards next week and myself, Eddie Hamilton (Editor), Vernon Layton (DP) and Ivan Clements (Producer) will be present and signing posters. If you buy your poster before then, we can dedicate that poster to you, and thank you for your support (or any dedication you like, or of course, unsigned if you like too).

I would have dearly loved to have offered these posters for free, but the cost of printing posters (£400), submissions to festivals (running to over £1,000) and other ongoing costs (we just got a bill for the music license from the MCPS for £650 for instance), means that we just can’t afford to.

The posters will cost £12.99, which will include 17.5% VAT, the cardboard tube, postage and all PayPal fees. If we can sell 70 posters, we will have at least raised the music budget (which we had not paid until now as we have not had a public screening of the film). You can get your poster by following the link here…

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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  1. Katrina Kenny August 6, 2008 at 12:15 pm #

    What a fantastic achievement, congratulations! You are such an inspiration. I will hopefully, with your permission be using your film as a study guide on my degree programme. I do hope you can make an appearance at the Institute, the students need your expertise! Best of all the Irish luck and hope to see you soon. Katrina Kenny, Lecturer in TV studies.

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