Getting the posters out into the community

Posters Today I dropped off some framed posters from Gone Fishing, signed by myself, Ivan, Eddie and Vernon. Pictured here is the lovely Rebecca Budds from Midnight Transfer. Rebecca really helped us through some tricky post production problems back in December of last year when we were grading there, with John Claude. She commented how it was nice to hear how the film was doing as many other short film makers rarely get in contact after they have been given help at MT. So there is a lesson for us all there, to involve those who help us, all the way through the life of the project.

I also met with the equally lovely Martin Butterworth from The Creative Partnership. Martin designed the poster in the first place and the flying hook and beautiful blue skies were all his ideas and execution. He was delighted with the poster and we had a quick chat about were to hang it – perhaps the loo, at the least we have a ‘captive viewer’ in those most private of moments! 

Framing and giving these posters and presenting them to these companies serves two purposes.

First off, it is a small token of gratitude for their help in the first place. Second, all these guys work at a very high level. Creative Partnerships reception looks like a West End cinema lobby with ALL the posters from the latest big films – posters that that they designed. This means that if a Gone Fishing poster is hung in reception, if only for a week or three, all those important ‘film people’ who are wandering in and out might see it (remember I gave them signed copies in a frame, ready to be hung)… and that may jog their memory when it comes to the BAFTA’s and the Oscars.

Key to our success now is visibility – and without a huge budget, we must be cunning in getting the film out there is a highly targeted manner. And this is a great place to start.

Onward and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

PS – If  you are interested, we have 3 signed posters left…

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