Actix bring Axicom PR to help with the push

PR I had a fantastic meeting this morning with the publicists who have been offered to us by the very nice people at Actix, who have partnered with us on the next, and potentially most exciting step on the Gone Fishing journey.

We are lucky enough to have head honcho Julian Tanner, at Axicom Cohn&Wolfe handling the campaign for us. He and his team came over to my flat today to watch Gone Fishing on BluRay  – and the response was extremely positive.

We immediately started spitballing all sorts of new ideas and angles to get the attention of the press. Of course I can’t reveal what they are just now, but it will require me to fly back form LA in early Feb, and some of them are quite ‘left field’. One thing we have tried to do is come up with a short pitchable angle, as things like ‘it’s a great movie’ just don’t cut it with the press, they need more. Right now we are thinking along the lines of ‘the guy who wrote that book about film making, took all his own medicine and Gone Fishing is the result… and it might just win an Oscar!’ There are other one liners too, so we may not go with that one yet. Happily, they have a sister company in LA too, so I should be hooking up with them next week when I hit the tarmac running.

All very, very EXCITING!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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