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Pic As you know I am running the final part of the Gone Fishing seminar this weekend coming. If you buy the online seminar now, you can also come to the live seminar on Saturday too (or watch online when it’s uploaded). You can read more about the online seminar here…

I just wanted to share with you an email I got from a film maker who is undertaking a very exciting project. Joe Atkins did our seminar this weekend and was simply busting to share how he felt about it… Here’s what he said…

In film making, as in life, the most valuable resource one can hope for is honesty in others. What you get when you join with Chris on this wonderful on-line adventure is just that: honesty – by the bucket load! This approach epitomizes everything Living Spirit seems to stand for and it does them much credit to come to the market place with this fantastic product: An affordable, brilliantly conceived and innovative approach to learning about the film making process.
Chris’ engaging and inclusive approach allows the participant straight in to the heart of the project, where the learning curve will be steepest, but also of the most value. His forthright approach will challenge you to re-think your strategy which, even if you may ultimately end up disagreeing with him, he has forced and invited you to consider every angle in the process of bringing your dream to the screen.
This course is superbly thought out, the flow of information is perfect, and the depth of discussion truly fascinating. I urge anybody who is thinking of making their own film to seek this course out and feed on it’s bounty.
Not only did I devour every second of this course but along with me, over the course of one Sunday, did my wife and my four children ages ranging from 8 – 17. We had wonderful discussions through lunch and dinner, before the delight of sitting through the finally finished movie. If I owned a tux, I really would have felt like wearing it.
I am currently in pre-production for my first feature, and as it says on my web site – I have 135 days left to the first day of principal photography. A scary, and wonderful and hectic place to be – and it will only get better (and worse), how great then to have Chris along, in the form of this seminar, as a constant council to keep me straight and keep me being just as good as I can possibly be.
Thank you Chris, and to all who participate in this seminar, it is a truly wonderful experience.
Joe Atkins: film maker, UK,

So remember, you can buy the online seminar now for just £69 and get the second one free. After this weekend, the price will go up though.

Just go to

Finally, we have just built the user feedback engine, so you can now read feedback as it is posted. Take a peek here.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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