From Australia to Cannes…

Cannes I am currently in Gympie at the Heart Of Gold Film Festival and have just run my two day Guerilla Film Makers seminar before the festival opened (which it did last night) Doing that film makers assault course, on top of the jet lag has left me exhausted, so our reports from over here will be a day or two late… (I slept 12 straight hours last night alone!)

BUT that gave us a great chance to catch up on Cannes. Some of you may remember we hosted an evening seminar with Cannes guru Ben Craig. He has a great book on going to Cannes and you can buy it here…

I asked if he would give us all ten tips for Cannes this year, and here they are…

1) Book Early – it normally goes without saying, but is especially important for Cannes. The town is small, affordable accommodation limited, and flights to Nice sell out quickly (particularly with the Monaco Grand Prix on at the same time).
2) Plan Your Trip – know why you are going to Cannes and what you're looking to get out of it *before* you arrive.
3) Book Meetings Before Leaving Home – before you arrive in Cannes, contact people you want to meet and try to get something in the diary. Concentrate on people/companies which normally have a plane ticket between you and their offices.
4) One word… Networking – anywhere, anytime, anyway. If you have an opportunity to strike up a conversation with someone, do it. You never know who they are or what they do, and whether they might be useful to you in the immediate or longer-term future.
5) Hungry? Financially-challenged? Stay Off the Croisette – you pay for the privilege of being seen. Cheaper fare can be had in less exposed places.
6) Get Friendly With Film Commissions – if you have a local government film commission or agency, get friendly with them.  They are a source of free advice and often party invites!
7) People Who Go to Bed Early Lose Out – some of the most productive networking is done after dark and into the wee hours.  If you're stuck for somewhere to go, remember that all roads (eventually) lead to the Petit Majestic. You can sleep when you get home.
8) Bring a Brollie – it *will* rain for at least one day while you're there. Be prepared and be the driest person in the meeting.
9) Bring Comfortable Shoes – dress shoes are essential for evening wear, but the rest of the time you should be sporting the most comfortable pair you own. Your feet will thank you.
10) Broaden Your Horizons – the entire world’s film industry is in one place for 12 days. Don't miss the opportunity by spending the whole time hanging out with your mates or people from your own country. You can do that at home.

Thanks for sharing that Ben. Remeber you can buy his book here…  See you all in the South of France!

UPDATE FROM MIKE BUSSON 11) Work out how much you can afford to spend. And then double it. Whether eating or shmoozing, whether Croisette or otherwise, you'll haemorrhage money without realising it.

Oh and I can't over emphasise #2 and #3. Absolutely essential advice. Without these, it could be an expensive waste of time.

Thanks Mike, CJ

If anyone has any to add, let me know.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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