Mankind Is No Island, Interview and Film

During the Heart Of Gold Festival in Australia, I have made many new friends, including the guys who made this extraordinary short film, shot on a phone, called ‘Mankind Is No Island’. There is really not much to add, aside from watch the video, their interview says it all, and at the end of the interview is the actual film itself.

If you log on to YouTube you will see it’s currently at 322,000 hits or so, and rising. The feedback is awesome too. So if you liked it, send the link to everyone you know and ask them to forward it too. Let’s help these guys crack a million hits! Watch below…

The three of them have just got back to Oz from New York and LA and they took my masterclass while here. Missing from this interview was Shane Emmett who had to fly out early, but he was kind enough to write this email to festival co-coordinator Toni Powell about his experience on the masterclass.

I wanted to thank you for bringing Chris Jones out for the workshop during the week. It was truly an empowering experience and one that I know Jason, Greg and myself absolutely needed. In fact it was precisely what we needed. Chris was unquestionably the most honest, candid, and generous film maker I have had the pleasure to meet. He met each day with extraordinary energy and crammed those days not merely with information, but with affirmation and ultimately inspiration. He treated every participant with such wonderful respect and patience regardless of experience, and offered to us not only tools and ideas but himself. To be honest Tony, I learned more in those two days than I have in years of filmmaking, not just about the craft, but about myself. If I was weary, frustrated and uncertain of my standing in a filmic world when I arrived, I have departed, energised, focused and tremendously excited about taking our work to the next phase.

To have these guys say such wonderful things about my seminar, after seeing their work, really leaves me speechless.

Thanks so much, it was a pleasure.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

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