Producers Guild Of America Producers Challenge Awards 2009

Cj Day 2 of the Producers Guild Of America Conference had many highlights, meeting Clint Eastwood, seeing some of the original Star Wars films ‘dimensionalised’ into 3D, watching a side by side test of all the top digital cinema cameras…. But all the will have to wait as in the evening was the awards…

And yes, WE WON! I didn’t know at the time but producer Gale Anne Hurd (Terminator, Aliens, Incredible Hulk) was sat at the back and came out to present the awards. When our name was read out I nearly passed out as I was now about to share a stage with the producer of one of the most influential films of my life, ‘Aliens’. I am afraid I babbled on stage, and managed to put my foot in my mouth several times, but hey!

The award actually goes to both Ivan and myself and includes some free time at a sound mixing studio, a copy of Final Cut Pro, but best of all, a mentoring lunch (and hopefully a longer term relationship) with a major Hollywood producer. AWESOME!

At the after awards party, Gale came up to me and told me how much she enjoyed the film. I can’t remember exactly what she said but it was extremely complimentary. Rachel Klein, one of the big cheeses at the PGA, also told me that the judge’s decision was unanimous. Awesome.

Right. Now I have to capitalise on this win. I am working with Andy my manager to set meetings up this week, and penning a press release right now.

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones, Film Maker and Author

6 Responses to Producers Guild Of America Producers Challenge Awards 2009

  1. Andy Talbot June 8, 2009 at 7:40 pm #

    Excellent Chris!

  2. John Dredge June 8, 2009 at 8:44 pm #

    that is really incredible and totally deserved. i hope you keep blogging when you are making the next ‘alien…’

  3. Mark June 8, 2009 at 11:58 pm #

    Well done Chris. My dad met Clint Eastwood years ago in Aspen!

  4. Karen June 9, 2009 at 1:26 am #

    Congratulations Chris and Ivan. I was waiting to find out if you won… and how could you not? In the economic crisis I think Hollywood wants to know about beautiful, emotional films that are also CHEAP! You are the man for the moment, I feel. Fingers crossed for all your upcoming meetings.

  5. Marino June 9, 2009 at 9:15 am #

    Whoa! Congratulations on this one, Chris! From this point on I foresee nothing but well-deserved awesomeness for you, mark my words 😀

  6. Nancy O'Mallon June 9, 2009 at 1:03 pm #

    A great big congratulations to you Chris!

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