50 Kisses Films Now Being Uploaded… can you offer advice?


We are now into the final round of 50 Kisses, our crowd written, crowd produced and ultimately will be crowd distributed feature film, is coming to an end.

Films based on the two page scripts are now being uploaded and you can watch, rate, review and feedback here – this process is important as filmmakers have till the end of this month to recut, rescore, remix, possible even reshoot parts of their films. Above is one of the versions of Lonely Heart submitted.

More films are being added daily – we will be posting recuts to the site as and when they come in. Here are my notes for Lonely Heart

Producers notes: team Good Shout, ‘Lonely Heart

  • Could we get an atmos in the background that sells Armageddon? Gunshots, screams etc. Can dip this out for the romantic bits and bring back in at the end?
  • Poss reshoot on the valentines card, we missed the ‘give you my heart’ the first time – needs to be closer.
  • Zombie eyes, particularly lead zombie – I wonder if anyone with After Effects could have a go at whiting them out? Someone maybe in the community?
  • For the short version, it feels like it wants a metal track for the end credits
  • Personally, we don’t like the vignette at the end, it would be stronger to just cut to black with kicking music – your choice as it’s a personal thing

Have your say on the films here http://www.50kissesfilm.com/movies

Onwards and upwards!

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