50 Kisses gets a 15 cert and the release master plan comes together!

Chris Jones Creative Director for 50KissesToday we recce’d the Genesis Cinema, the venue for the ’50 Kisses’ Premiere next week.

Posters went up (EXCITING), the DCP was checked on the huge screen (VERY EXCITING), and plans were made for all manner of shenanigans for our premiere guests .

We are used to planning live events now because of the London Screenwriters’ Festival, but this one will be a big one as we have the 50 Kisses Awards alongside the premiere. Music needs cueing, background DVDs produced, step and repeat setting up for red carpet photographers, all on top of the ongoing and relentless promotion of both the UK premiere, as well as the global release in over seventeen countries now.

50 Kisses Posters Going UpGetting to the Genesis and planning the event brought it all into sharp focus, and for all of us, there was a sudden reality check and rush of excitement. This is going to happen in just over a week. Two years in the making, 2000 scripts, 130 films, seventeen minutes of cast and crew credits (over 2,000) and a top secret special event only to be announced at the premiere.

Photos were taken, shared and social media has gone a little bonkers!

To cap it all, we also got notification from the BBFC that we have a 15 certificate as it ‘contains strong language, sex references, violence and bloody images’.

BBFC CertNice!

So how can you help? It would be awesome if you could…

1. Follow the page on Facebook and comment on posts https://www.facebook.com/50Kisses
2. Follow us on Twitter @50Kisses and engage in conversation, retweeting where relevant (hash tag #50Kisses)
3. Click on the IMDB page to increase the ranking over the next few days
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2249786/ (currently at 19,881 and we need to be under 1,000)
4. Tell all your friends about 50 Kisses, the premiere, the Facebook page, the Twitter account etc.

Advertising even in the loosFinally, if you can make it, get some tickets to the world premiere, it’s going to be an awesome night (www.50kissesfilm.com/premiere).

Bring your friends too, a red carpet glitzy premiere is an incredible night out for people not in the film business.

OK back to the prepping for the Premiere!

Onwards and upwards!

Chris Jones
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